Although he primarily writes for the Country market and Film and TV, Dan describes himself as a 'Roots/Americana' artist. His music is eclectic, interweaving elements of rock, country, folk, jazz, the blues, and R & B. When asked what makes his music unique, Dan says, “It's taking all of the above and blending them into something that I typically perform on solo acoustic guitar!” While he is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, Dan typically bounces between there and Portland, Oregon.

"I was born and raised in Alaska, where I got swept up in Beatlemania and the British Invasion at an early age," Dan says in describing his background. "My love for all kinds of music propelled me to learn any instrument I could get my hands on, although I concentrated heavily on the piano and guitar - as they were the primary tools used in songwriting, which became my obsession. I really believe that my love of music - in all forms - is what has kept my own both timeless and contemporary."

Along the way, Dan has won several awards and honors as both a songwriter and a performer, but his current pride and joy is the upcoming release of his new album, "No Running From The Storm (Songs Of Life, Love, And Loss)" by Dan Lowe & The Skeletal Remains - which you can listen to and purchase here!

Dan Lowe