"I Can't Get Over You" is an old school R&B ballad about the one that someone let get away... The track features background vocals by Nehemiah Booker and drums by Jeramy Burchett as well as some wonderful saxophone work by Patrick Lamb.


"I Can't Get Over You"
Words & Music by Dan Lowe
Copyright © Dan Lowe
Reprinted by permission
All rights reserved

(Verse 1)
I walk these streets at night
Wishing I was somewhere holding you tight
Missing you so much I'm afraid that I might
Just go crazy sometimes
'Cause I can't get you off my mind now, baby

I wander aimlessly
'Cause I don't want anyone to see
What your leaving has done to me
What's to become of me?
Baby, can't you see that you're my destiny, and...

I can't get over you
No matter what I do
The harder I try to
The more I just lie to myself
And I can't ignore the pain
Feels like sunbathing in the pouring rain
To think I could ever be happy with anyone else

(Verse 2)
I thought I'd cried all the tears I could cry
But too many memories are refusing to die
And I can't seem to keep my wandering mind
From returning to happier times
Baby, back when you were mine
You see, 'cause...

I wake up in this empty bed
Still trying to shake these thoughts of you from my head
And wishing I was anywhere instead
Of lying here all alone
Baby, why won't you come home to me, 'cause...

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm having trouble believing that you're really gone
I keep hearing your voice...
Seeing your face...
I can't keep going on
Baby, please come back where you belong


(Repeat Chorus)

I don't want anyone else...