She Flies


Song Length 4:35
Primary Genre Country-Contemporary
Secondary Genre Pop-Easy Listening
Tempo / Feel Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Diseases
Subject Matter 2 Life
Mood 1 Poignant
Mood 2 Exultant
Similar Artist 1 Reba Mcentire
Similar Artist 2 Trisha Yearwood
Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lyric Credits Dan Lowe
Music Credits Dan Lowe
Producer Credits Dan Lowe
Publisher Credits N/A
Performance Credits Dan Lowe
Label Credits N/A

She Flies

Words and Music by Dan Lowe
Copyright © 2006 Dan Lowe
All rights reserved
Reprinted by permission

(Verse 1)
Do you know the little girl
Who lives just across the way?
I've seen her looking out her window
Watching all the other children play
Wishing she could run outside
For a game of hide and seek
But all her doctors say
That she's way too weak

But they've never seen
Her in her dreams, where...

She flies... she stretches out her arms like wings to soar
And she tries each time to climb a little higher than before
Because she finds that when she closes both her eyes
She walks... she runs... she flies...

(Verse 2)
She's her daddy's little girl
She puts the twinkle in his eye
Mama's little angel
But sometimes they wonder why
Why would a kind and loving God
Allow such painful grief?
Yet all the doubt in their world
Hasn't crushed her belief, 'cause...

(Repeat chorus)

Now the angels all surround her
Yeah, they hover above her bed
As her family gathers 'round her once again...

(Final chorus w/ ending)
And she flies... she stretches out her wings to soar
And she climbs each time a little higher than before
Because she finds now when she opens up her eyes
She walks... she runs...
Yeah, she laughs... has fun...
Oh, I know, she walks... she runs...
She flies... so high above the sky...
She flies...

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