Holding On (For Dear Life)


Song Length 3:40
Primary Genre Folk-Contemporary
Secondary Genre Country-Contemporary
Tempo / Feel Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 General
Subject Matter 2 War
Mood 1 Moving
Mood 2 Welcoming
Similar Artist 1 James Taylor
Similar Artist 2 Steve Winwood
Language English
Era 2000 and later


Lyric Credits Dan Lowe
Music Credits Dan Lowe
Producer Credits Dan Lowe / Mike Strickland
Publisher Credits N/A
Performance Credits Dan Lowe / Mike Strickland
Label Credits N/A
Short Song Description:

A song of - and about - our time


Holding On (For Dear Life)
Words and music by Dan Lowe
Copyright © 2004 Dan Lowe
All rights reserved
Reprinted by permission

(Verse 1)
Now-a-days... he doesn't get around too well
You see, they've upped his medication
Oh, but still he hurts like hell
And he claims he's getting better
But it's getting harder all the time to really tell

Because he's not the same man he once was
He could complain but he never does
He knows the pain'll leave eventually

So he keeps holding on for dear life
The man keeps holding on to dear life

(Verse 2)
He's got a daughter, with a son who's overseas
She tunes in to the evening news
Then she climbs down on her knees
She's been there way too often lately, the carpet's really worn
She lifts her eyes to heaven and asks for shelter from the storm

Because she's not the way her father was
She struggles to support the cause
She prays they'll all come home eventually

And she keeps holding on to dear life
The woman keeps holding on to dear life

But how in the world can folks keep holding on
When every shred of hope is either thin or gone?

Just keep holding on for dear life
We must keep holding on to dear life

(Verse 3)
He enlisted in the infantry, he loved marching in parades
But now he plays with mortar shells and rocket propelled grenades
His clenched fist hugs his weapon
Though sometimes it won't release
And he wonders what he wouldn't give
Just to get himself some peace

Because he's not the man his grandpa was
He can't explain the things he does
Though he hopes one day to regain his identity

Till then he's holding on for dear life
The man keeps holding on to dear life

He just keeps holding on
We must keep holding on
So just keep...

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