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Dan's Facebook Page
Well, another Dan Lowe beat me to the "danlowemusic" moniker on Facebook, so (if you go there) you've got to go to "danlowesongs" - oh, the delights of the Internet (and Facebook)!
Dan's EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
This one's for all you venues, bookers, agents, etc. out there... click on the link and check it out!
Dan's MySpace Page
As I once said in a song, "Well, life can be hard, and we all need a friend or two... well, I'll be your friend, and you can be my friend too..."

So, click on the link and check it out, send me a friend request, etc.
Unleash your music via I've been a happy member for nearly two years now.
Jai Josefs
If you're serious about becoming a great songwriter, this is the right place. Let renowned songwriter and songwriting coach, Jai Josefs help you take your songwriting to a new level.

It is a popular myth that songwriting comes purely from inspiration. In the words of multi-platinum hit songwriter Tom Snow, " Songwriting is really 10% inspiration and 90% craft .... and Jai Josefs is one of this country's most respected teachers of that craft."

Having worked with Jai off and on over the course of the past 10 years, I can certainly give him my unqualified endorsement.
Portland Songwriters Association
The Portland Songwriters Association was established to:
1. provide educational and networking opportunities for its membership,
2. to develop the songwriting talents of its members, and
3. to support them in their quest to become great songwriters.

They are committed to the success of songs from every genre and stylistic influence ...from arias to zydeco, and everything in between!

They offer monthly workshops for their members to bring in new works, or works progress that are listened to by their peers. This provides an opportunity for constructive suggestions by other songwriters in a non-competitive atmosphere.

A monthly showcase (held on the second Wednesday of each month at Mississippi Pizza) allows members to "showcase"' their new songs in a public arena and get written feedback from a panel of mentors who are professional songwriters and performers themselves.

Seminars are offered throughout the year where members can learn techniques about crafting songs, submitting songs to publishers, recording studio techniques and more.

They also produce a newsletter, the "Great Songwriter", filled with articles, news and information related to songwriting.

Each PSA member gets our membership directory listing information about each person, how to contact, their musical talents, achievements, etc.

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